Clear Signs She Is Interested In You


So you finally summoned the courage to ask that special lady out. You go on your first date and you think you had a great time but you still feel completely unsure about whether she showed signs she is interested in you... or if simply that she's being polite. Sound familiar?

This happens to many men but I have good news, there are ways to 'test' her interest in you. Rejection is a man's worst fear when it comes to the dating game. It's why men don't take a lot of the risks women wish they would. Let's face it, it can be absolutely ego-shattering to be turned down and frankly, the signals women give confuses the heck out of you. Well fear no more! The truth is, women are complicated beings and often do send men mixed signals. Busted. The good news is that a woman's body language is universal and can say far more about how she is feeling than her words alone. You can start to decode mixed signals by paying more attention to body language. Here are some body language signals that tell you she's interested:

  • She holds your glance for longer than 4 seconds
  • She leans towards you when talking
  • She touches your arm or knee
  • She is stroking her neck, licking her lips or twirling her hair (-not all at once though! Look for the subtleties)
  • She fidgets with her jewelry, wine glass, or keys

If you are still not sure, you can perform some simple 'tests' :

Touching Tests: You can test her attraction by gauging her response to a casual touch. A casual touch is simple and fast. Examples are when your fingers touch her when you give her a cup of coffee, or when you touch her back to guide her to the table you've selected. A casual touch is ambiguous; first, touch her casually, and see how she responds. You may not be able to gauge the response the first time, so do it again. Look for things like her eyes getting shiny and reflective, she gets more relaxed and animated, or if her skin starts to flush.

Hug Test: When saying hello or good-bye to her, give her a short hug and gauge her response. Does she press into you? Does she seem to want to really hang on?

Enthusiasm Test: You can gauge a woman's level of interest by her level of enthusiasm. Her enthusiasm is most apparent between the activities that you do together, rather than during them. Between activities, she has the best opportunity to say she's tired and needs to go home. For example, after the movie, is she eager to go out for a coffee or a drink, or does she seem reluctant?

Try all of these tips out and read between the lines, because we really do hope you get it, especially when we are waiting for you to make the move and go for the first kiss!

To your authenticity,

Love, Christine

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